Khalibre staff

Khalibre staff

About Khalibre

Khalibre, a social enterprise, was formed in 2007 in Singapore and Cambodia. We have international clients and seek to deliver great technology solutions and services.

We bring together international expertise and the best local talent. We invest heavily in good people, good process, learning frameworks and quality management to provide consistent, high quality IT solutions.

Through our work in Cambodia we hope to build great community and create excellent job opportunities for many people.


Khalibre Pte., Ltd.  was formed. Providing full service technology for global enterprise clients requiring complete HRMS, talent management, etc. using SAP and other technologies


Demand keeps growing for eLearning services . We strategically invest in eLearning with professionals from around the world


High quality eLearning Content Creation team. This includes global experience creating 100+ WBT’s, ILT’s, curricula, learning management, multi-language and a Learning Experience Platform. Our team is well placed to serve our clients

Our Values are in Our Code

Our People

Jon Watts


20 years experience delivering global IT projects for banks and non-profit organizations in London, New York, Singapore and Cambodia.

Eul-Shik Hong

Head of Content Services

17 years experience implementing learning management systems and training customers in applications ranging from spacecraft design to financial analysis.

Hok Yem

Solutions Manager

10 years with Khalibre. Now leads the day-to-day delivery of key customer solutions and support.

Virak Yang

Team Lead

9 years experience working in training including the past 4 years with Khalibre as a content developer implementing interactive eLearning.

Our Name

The meaning of our name helps to explain what is different about us. KH is the ISO code for Cambodia. The spin on Calibre is simple enough – high calibre people. The meaning of the word in middle English means to ‘shape’ or to ‘mould’. This is exactly what we want to do in Cambodia. Shape and mould professional IT and business people. And build community as we invest in the Khmer people.